Rogers GeoTxtTM Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Rogers GeoTxt service and how does it work?

A: Rogers GeoTxt is a free service that delivers text messages with offers from participating retailers. Text messages are sent to your device based on its geo-location to ensure we send you an offer when it's most relevant to you.

What types of messages will I receive?

A: You'll get a variety of messages from Rogers GeoTxt. These messages will let you know about sales, events, promotions, products and special offers.

Can I select what types of offers I receive from Rogers GeoTxt?

A: You can personalize your experience with Rogers GeoTxt by choosing to receive offers from categories that interest you the most. You can do this by logging into your Rogers GeoTxt profile and updating your Preferences here:

How much does it cost?

A: It's absolutely free to join Rogers GeoTxt. There is no cost associated with sending and receiving text messages to or from Rogers GeoTxt. Data and messaging costs may apply when you're accessing links within messages or forwarding text messages outside of sending / receiving text messages to / from Rogers GeoTxt.

Will you share my phone number with others?

A: Your phone number will never be made public or sold to others. We will not provide your phone number or any other personal information about you to advertisers. For more information, please review our privacy policy.

How do I stop receiving Rogers GeoTxt messages?

A: To stop receiving messages from Rogers GeoTxt, simply text "STOP" to short-code 5050.

Who can join Rogers GeoTxt?

A: The Rogers GeoTxt service is exclusive to Rogers wireless postpaid customers who are 18 years of age or over. Account holders are responsible for ensuring that any account users under 18 do not use the service. You must be able to send and receive text messages via your mobile device. Rogers GeoTxt is a Canada-wide only program and will not work internationally.

Can I send text messages to other people that have joined Rogers GeoTxt?

A: Rogers GeoTxt is not a social network or designed for person-to-person text messaging. If you decide to forward a text message you have received from Rogers GeoTxt to another mobile device, text message and/or data charges may apply.

I've opted-out of Rogers GeoTxt, how do I opt back into the Rogers GeoTxt service?

A: You can always sign up again by texting "JOIN" to Rogers GeoTxt (5050).

Does Rogers GeoTxt work if I have disabled 'Location Services' on my mobile device?

A: Yes, Rogers GeoTxt uses your 'Rogers Network Location' to obtain your location directly from the Rogers network, making it easy for you to receive notifications from Rogers GeoTxt on your mobile device.

When will I receive text messages?

A: You'll receive messages weekly, up to 5 messages from advertisers per week.

What if I have additional questions or a problem participating in Rogers GeoTxt?

A: Feel free to email or give us a call if you need help or have any questions about Rogers GeoTxt. You can reach us at: or call 1-888-680-6678

I would like to advertise with Rogers GeoTxt, who do I contact?

A: Please feel free to reach out to our advertising department by contacting or calling 1-888-680-6678

Why does Rogers GeoTxt need my location?

A: Rogers GeoTxt is a location-based service so in order to provide offers and information that are relevant to where you are, we must understand your current geo-location. Rogers GeoTxt uses your 'Rogers Network Location' to obtain your geo-location directly from the Rogers network so even if your 'Location Services' are disabled you can still use the service.

Can I get offers delivered via email instead?

A: Currently messages will be delivered via standard text message / short message service (SMS). Rogers may add email and other options at a later date, but they are not available at this time

How do I access my Rogers GeoTxt profile / account information?

A: You can log in to your profile by signing in on the My Profile page at on your computer or right from your mobile device.

I forgot my password, how do I log in to my profile?

A: Just text "PASSWORD" to 5050 via your Rogers mobile phone and you will be sent a text message with your new password and a link to the sign-in page. Please note the password is case sensitive. You will have the option to reset your password once you have signed in.

When I try and register, it shows that I am already registered. What do I do?

A: If your Rogers wireless number is already registered with Rogers GeoTxt you cannot re-register. You can simply reset your password by texting "PASSWORD" to 5050 via your Rogers mobile phone, and you will be sent a text message with your new password and a link to the sign-in page, which will allow you to access your profile. Please note the password is case sensitive. You will have the option to reset your password once you have signed in